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New ownership & management
Hello, publishers.

I am happy to announce that there's a new team behind this wonderful project.

We have some bad news, and some good news.
Depending on a few things, bad news could be good news, for your case.

Let's start with the bad news.
Old got banned from PayPal. Their money got frozen for 180 days, so they couldn't operate properly.

Minenaira took over operations, offered to buy the entire debt owed to all users and continue operating.
But there's a catch.

We will no longer accept paypal as of now might consider paypal in the future. We deal with bitcoin now and payeer and will introduce credit card payment for our advertisers who wish to buy traffic.

For users who don't know how to buy, sell, withdraw, deposit bitcoin, we will make a quick tutorial, and explain as much possible, in order to get you ready for the next level

We are currently partnering with ad networks and advertisers to keep the system running and generate funds to pay our good publishers. Always read our terms and conditions always to know or be updated in case of any changes and please note We reserve the right to modify the Rewards program at any time without prior notice. But be sure of one thing cashmining is legit and here to stay.

Good news?

There's going to be few withdrawal fees as we pay huge when dealing with crypto currency.
We are planning to add more offers, since we have managed to get a lot of contacts from our main business.
ALL YOUR MONEY IS SAFE, however please allow us some time to process your withdraws and implement our payment gateway. (Support tickets asking when their funds will be sent, wont be answered. Please understand that we just got the site, and we need to understand how everything works, before we can send any funds)
Our main communication channel will remain our Contact us page, so, please, if you have any questions, please go there. We will try to make payments on time and faster.

Thank you for your time, and attention.
Ice Ene, on behalf of everyone involved on and for Boosel and Flazz INC
hi admin , i m fine with bitcoin withdraw , but actually i more like in fiat, and i think some of the member do like as well ,i join this just because i can get paid by fiat ... and i have a lot of other way to get bitcoin from faucet "i don not need more bitcoin" , can you add more fiat withdraw option in the future after the bitcoin withdraw option completed
i don trust about payeer , they have a lot bad review compare to other....

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