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Manual Surf Coming soon! Let us know what you think
Dear friend, as you are a member of cashmining I have seen the notification that the autosurf will end soon, and I see very negative comments to that, my advice is that you do not try it, otherwise you could lose many people and it could hurt you severely as it does not Manual surfing is useless and people waste time there that does not generate benefits and last year I paid the 1st and concrete, but manual surfing to throw me out and charge a minimum of 5 would be a great nightmare for me so my advice is that you keep the autosurf otherwise you will regret it
i m ok with the manual surf if the paid out is good enough and without the 30% fees , 1-2% fees is acceptable, the minimum withdraw should be like $2-4, more withdraw option , more earning way like shortlink etc...

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