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Coins - pruthaktesting - 09-14-2018

Hey Admin,
What Are This Coins For?
Just Curious To Know About That.

RE: Coins - Admin - 09-14-2018


For the moment are just a reward for activity on forum without, in the future some sections will require coins to be able to post and other stuff like this.


RE: Coins - pruthaktesting - 09-15-2018


RE: Coins - incoinda - 11-30-2018

hola admin 

Mi membresía es básica cuanto tiempo pasara para q llegue el pago solo pregunto ya q dices q depende de la membresía le llegara en 10 dias el pago saludos

RE:para administrador - incoinda - 12-15-2018

Que paso con mi pago ya no se refleja ni el ultimo cobre q no me pagaron Angry